What is SafeTouch®?

SafeTouch® is an antimicrobial coating. This is a silver technology that has been successfully tested against over 50 common organisms such as MRSA, E.coli, Salmonella Listeria, Pseudomonas and Aspergillus Niger. 

Unlike alcohol-based gels, disinfectants and oxidisers, SafeTouch® antimicrobial technology is effective 24/7 for the lifetime of the treated article whilst the coating is still intact. It could therefore complement current hygiene guidance offering additional product protection.

How do I know my face shield is positioned correctly?

The forehead band should sit approximately 1/2 – 1 inch above the eyebrows, with the bottom of the shield sitting below chin level.

Can I recycle these products? 

Yes, our 100gsm Uncoated Papers are fully recyclable and follow FSC guidelines. 

The Face Shield's are also recyclable if the foam pad is removed. 

Do I have to dispose of my Face Shield after one use? 

No, the product is pretty durable but you would need to disinfect it to your own satisfaction. The frequently touched areas of the shield are coated with SafeTouch which adds additional peace of mind knowing that bacteria can’t grow on it but be aware that the viewing window is not coated to maintain the clarity of vision.

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